20 Week Baby Bump

I feel like the babies are really making some progress! The past few weeks It seems like my bump has visibly grown week by week. Our little ones are now the size of a small cantaloupe, pomegranate, or mango (about 6.5 inches), and they have more than doubled in weight (10 ounces now!). We have been counting down to the 20 week mark because we finally have the anatomy ultrasound and find out the genders! This is also an exciting month because we should be able to start feeling the babies moving around!

13 Week Baby Bump

13 wk - baby bump

We are officially out of the first trimester! I really felt like I got a baby bump this week (and not just from bloating). I took my first baby bump pic, but I think that people who don’t know me well would think that it is just my belly. Our little ones are currently about the size of peaches – 3 inches long – and their heads are about half the size of their bodies. It is amazing how much growing they have done in the past few weeks!