12-15 Months Old

Right after the babies’ 12 month birthday, we traveled to Abiquiu, NM for Derek’s sister’s wedding.



At 13 months, they started walking unassisted. During this checkup (a little late due to our travels in Brazil), the doctor was impressed with their motor skills and happy with their weight gain – from 3rd to 7th percentile, weighing in at just over 18 pounds.


We began transitioning to one nap at 14.5 months. They now have enough hair for 1 spout or 2 pig tails. They like to give high fives to each other and hold hands. They also love blowing kisses anytime they hear “bye bye” or “tchau tchau” and enjoy giving all stuffed animals, books, people’s legs, etc. kisses.


The girls are currently using sign language for the following: food, more, touchdown, uh oh (less now), milk, use their hand to mime talking on a telephone, wag their finger when I say “no no no, Nala,” They blow kisses and say mwah, move their arms up and down if you say “dance” (they would be really good Notre Dame cheerleaders leading the “Celtic Chant”), clap and palmas (Portuguese for clap), bye bye, put their finger to their lips when I say “shhh Nala,” copy blowing on food, shaking their head up and down, and are trying to sign “water.”

Currently Saying: Nala, mama, dada, hi, bye, meow, up (while holding on or both palms facing up).

Currently Trying to Say: all of the ba ba words Рball, pumpkin in Portuguese (abóbora), banana, belly, baby, and balloon, plus woof woof but with mouth closed, more/mais.

Teeth: both have 15 teeth (top and bottom 4 middle, 2 upper molars, and 2 lower molars, and 2 upper canines, 1 bottom canine)

15 month check up: Naomi is 75th percentile for height (31.4 in.), 15th percentile for head circumference (17.5 in.), and 5th percentile for weight (19 lb.). Norah is 70th percentile for height (31.1 in.), 7th percentile for head circumference 17.25 in.), and 7th percentile for weight (19 lb. 11 oz.). The doctor was happy with their weights.