11 Months Old!

The babies handled all of their travels fairly well! It is a lot to ask 11 month olds to travel for 2 weeks from hotel to hotel and activity to activity and then travel 19+ hours home and switch to a time zone 4 hours different. I think we were all ready to be home!

This month they enjoyed giving high fives, tilting their heads side to side, and getting sprayed by waterfalls. They have lots of teeth now – 4 on the top and 3 on the bottom. Naomi will sometimes offer to share her food with us, and she has now joined Norah in pulling herself to stand but still infrequently. It is amazing to see them recognizing more and more words. They will clap when you say “clap” and sometimes wave when you say “hi,” “hola,” “oi,” “bye,” or “tchau.”

We had a doctor appointment when we got back because we missed our 9 month appointment. At 11.5 months, Norah weighed 16 lb 13.5 oz (3rd %). Naomi weighed 16 lb 12.5 oz (just below 3rd %). Norah is 29.2 inches tall (62%), and Naomi is 28.87 inches tall (57%). They both passed their iron tests!