12 Months Old!

We arrived home from Brazil on August 11 and one week later our au pair, Maria, arrived at our house. The following day, August 18, Norah and Naomi were baptized. Maria immediately became part of the family, going to the baptism with my grandma and parents. Then, right before the babies first birthday, I went back to teaching, and I got way behind on the blog.

This month they started waving goodbye consistently, signing touchdown, saying “meow” at cat, signing more for everything, and standing on their own. They began crawling in a crazy way, dragging one leg so they could stand up more quickly. Both babies got new teeth and began consistently switching their toy or sip cup to the other hand so we could put their arms in straps or clothes.

We celebrated the babies’ one year birthday on September 10, one day after their actual birthday. The babies got to each sweets for the first time, each celebrating their birthday with a vanilla cupcake with chocolate frosting. They had fun hanging out with their friends from birth class, nannying, and dad’s work, and they enjoyed playing with bubbles!