7 Months Old!

Our little love bugs are definitely developing their own personalities! Norah enjoys snuggling mommy and daddy or just sitting in a chair and soaking in the world. She has started to get up on her hands and knees and rock back and forth. She wants to crawl so badly! Naomi is constantly moving. She enjoys her jumper or just bouncing while someone is holding her in a standing position. She has become a very fast army crawler, so we are glad our floors are now refinished and don’t provide any potential hazards.

After our 6 month appointment, we did the first baths in the bathtub without the baby bath. Both babies enjoy laying in the bath and kicking, and we can’t wait to take them swimming in Brasil! We also went on our first family run (puppies too of course!), after the pediatrician wasn’t concerned if they were in their carseats.

We tried our first foods – carrots, bananas, green beans, pears, avocados, kiwis, and apples. The girls have gotten better at opening their mouth for bites and are not as messy.

Right at the 7 month mark, Norah, Naomi, and mommy got to go on a mommy/baby vacation with 2 friends from birth class. We drove to Priest Lake, Idaho for a week. It was still quite cold, so there was no lake time! The girls decided they wanted to be like their friends, and both started sitting. Naomi can sit unassisted for a few minutes at a time, but both are still wobbly and need pillows behind them just in case!

Norah weighs 14 pounds 5 ounces, and Naomi weighs 14 pounds 6 ounces. Both moved from the 3rd percentile at their 6th month appointment into the 6th percentile at 7 months!


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