4 Months Old!

So I am little late on this post, as Norah & Naomi turned 4 months about 2 weeks ago, but better late than never!

Derek was able to go to the 4 month doctor appointment with us. Our doctor was happy with the girls’ weight gains. Norah was 10 pounds 7 ounces, and Naomi was 10 pounds 8 ounces. This puts them in the 3rd percentile. They both were also in the 3rd percentile for head size. Naomi was 24.5 inches tall, a quarter of an inch taller than Norah. Thus, Naomi is in the 50th percentile for height, and Norah is in the 40th. We talked to our pediatrician about length of time it takes to feed the girls – 10 minutes of breastfeeding and then 30-40 minutes of bottle feeding. The pediatrician took a look at their mouths to make sure she didn’t suspect tongue or lip ties. She said that it appears they have high arches on their upper palates, but she didn’t think that should be causing their issues. At the doctor’s recommendation, we decided to go up to the size 2 bottle nipple. This may have been something we should have done earlier, as their spit up formula is thick, but I was concerned that a faster flow bottle would negatively impact breastfeeding. Because of our eating concerns, the doctor recommend that we wait on solids until Naomi and Norah can sit up better, and we figure out what is causing their feeding issue. Finally, our doctor heard a flow murmur in Naomi’s heart. She didn’t seem very concerned, said it was something to monitor, and thinner babies tend to have them. Michelle found out from her mom that Michelle also had a murmur as an infant.

As the girls started rolling, we had to drop the swaddle. We had tried to stop swaddling at 12 weeks because around 3-4 months the startle reflex isn’t as much of an issue, but it was a disaster, as they hadn’t yet figured out how to self-soothe. I found Norah on her belly twice in one night at 14 weeks – the week before we left for Cincinnati. We decided to do one arm out of the swaddle sack for 3 days, then both arms out of the swaddle sack for 3 days, and then zip up sleep sacks. The first couple days were pretty rough. Norah transitioned a little easier than Naomi because she figured out how to suck her thumb. Interestingly enough though, Naomi has become the belly sleeper and Norah still hates tummy time!

On Christmas Eve, we flew to Cincinnati to be with Michelle’s immediate family. We decided to check the car seats this time, and it made life so much better! The babies did pretty well on their two flights there. However, they were awful that evening from being overtired and overstimulated. Maybe they were also just too excited for Santa?! This was not the first impression we wanted them to give their aunt and uncles! The next day, they slept through Christmas mass and the opening of their presents to make up for it. It was wonderful to have Grandma and Papa babysit, so we could go visit my alma mater and have a movie/Skyline date. Even though they were now seasoned travelers, the girls struggled a bit on their second flight (the 7th flight of their short lives) home. It was an afternoon/evening flight, like their flight home from Kansas City, and I think this was part of the problem. By the time we got home at 11 on New Years Eve, everyone was ready to go to bed!

At 4 months, Naomi and Norah enjoy when we hold them so the can stand up and have dance parties, blowing bubbles, and giving big toothless smiles. Norah hates tummy time, and Naomi usually rolls onto her tummy shortly after being put in her crib. Sometimes she gets frustrated to wake up and find herself on her tummy, and we kindly remind her that she chose that position! For the record, we definitely think they are identical, as they seem to look more and more alike the older they get. It is still difficult to tell them apart, especially as their heights and weights get closer together. We are still painting a few of Norah’s nails, but we are counting down to the 6 month ear piercing appointment!



2 thoughts on “4 Months Old!

  1. Oh my gosh they are so adorable! I do not know how much longer I can hold out without actually holding them! They already have my heart, just as a little bald headed Chellebelle Boo did so long ago!!!


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