One Month Old!

We are happy to report that after some weight gain struggles, both babies are about 6.5 pounds. (The doc was worried we weren’t gaining an ounce a day? Ha! We will show her by gaining 2 ounces a day!) They are still long and skinny, with legs that reach the bottom of newborn outfits but arms and bodies that are better suited for preemie.

They enjoy tummy time on daddy’s chest and when he reads them stories. Both girls love their swing and rock n plays but aren’t so sure about their bouncy chairs. N&N sometimes suck in fingers, but they really are pacifier girls. Just like their puppy sisters, our twins enjoy car rides.

We are hoping they have turned a corner with sleeping in their cribs at night. Naomi is hopeful her tummy troubles are improving, and Norah is hopeful her days of looking like a balding old man don’t last too long. Like her daddy, Naomi gets hangry when food takes too long to arrive and is quite the impatient eater. Norah is a little lazy and sometimes decides sleeping is more important than eating.

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