The Twins Arrive!

Thursday September 8, 2016

6:30am – Thought I felt a trickle of fluid. Maybe my water broke?! I decided not to bother Derek until I knew for sure, especially as early labor is usually 8-12 hours. I had no contractions or other trickles throughout the day, so I chalked it up to my wishing it was time.

8:30pm – Got home after picking up Derek downtown. After multiple small gushes of fluid, I was now confident – my water had broken! After my research this afternoon, I now could consider myself one of the 6% of labors that start this way! I called my OB to ask when I should come in, and was excited to find out my OB was the one on call that night! She said to come in now, so they could get the babies on the fetal monitors. Derek ate dinner, we both took showers, and then we packed up the car.

9:15pm – Arrived at the hospital, and we went to the birth center’s triage unit so they could decide if I was actually in labor, and they should admit me. I had only had about seven 30 second contractions so far. My blood pressure was pretty high, so they decided to do some blood work to make sure everything was ok. The babies had a quick ultrasound to confirm they were still head down. They also had about 20 minutes of fetal monitoring and contraction monitoring. They decided yes, I was actually in labor and would admit me. My contractions started to become fairly close together and painful at this point, but I asked if we could walk around a bit before the epidural, as I knew I still had many hours to go. As we walked to the labor and delivery room, I began feeling very nauseous and threw up.

Derek and I hung out in our new digs, and I used to rocking chair to get through some contractions before we went for a walk. However, my contractions were becoming more than I wanted to deal with and they said it could be 45 minutes before the anesthesiologist could administer the epidural, so we decided to call him and get that process started.

11:30pm – Having contractions every 2 minutes. Derek was helping me with the breathing we had practiced at our class and letting me squeeze his hand. The anesthesiologist administered the epidural, which was a longer process than I wanted. Sitting hunched over  and shaking wasn’t my favorite way to work through contractions!

Friday September 9, 2016

Midnight – Epidural had kicked in, and we were exactly 37 weeks (full term!)! I was surprised that my legs were still tingly. I could feel the pressure of Norah on my left hip, but not the contractions. My OB checked my cervix, and I was already 8 centimeters dilated! 3.5 hours, and we had already moved through most of the first stage of labor – from early (usually 8-12 hours) to active (usually 3-5 hours) to transitional labor! My OB seemed surprised how quickly we were progressing! I was still being monitored for contractions and the babies were still having their heart rates monitored. I was pretty cold and experiencing the shakes.

1:00am – Reached 10 centimeters dilated! We started pushing in the labor and delivery room, knowing that at some point we would move to the OR for delivery.

1:30am – Show time! Derek put on some scrubs, and we wheeled into the OR. The OB and nurses got everything set up, and we began pushing. Norah was ready to meet us! However, her heart rate was falling lower than they liked, so my OB recommended the use of a vacuum to assist.

1:46am – Norah Louise Drayer loudly made way into the world at 4 lb 11.5 oz and 17.5 in. My OB then ruptured Naomi’s sac, and I began pushing her. Her heart rate also fell, so we again used the vacuum.

1:56am – Naomi Ann Drayer was born sunny side up (face up) with unicorn horn (slight cone shape pointing up and forward) and large bruise from vacuum. She was 5 lb 4 oz and 18 in. Mommy got to hold both babies while we were wheeled back to our room.


5:30am – Mommy and Daddy finally got to sleep after skin to skin, breastfeeding, and all the post-labor checks.

6:30am – Everything began again! The girls had to have 3 tests prior to feeding where their blood sugar was in the normal range. Unfortunately, the girls had some issues with this, and Norah supplemented with formula. When they finally passed it was nice because every time they were ready to nurse, I didn’t have to call the nurse to come test their blood sugar first and the babies didn’t have to keep getting their heels pricked. At the 24 hour check up, Norah had lost 5% of her body weight and Naomi had lost 7% of her body weight. Doctors like to see no more than 10-15%, which usually peaks at day 7.

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Saturday September 10, 2016

9:00am – I saw an OB, anesthesiologist, and lactation consultant, and I was given the green light for discharge. They were also given their discharge papers.

4:15pm – We finally got to head home after completing all of the items on the discharge checklist! Derek and I had filled out the birth certificate info and had picked up my prescriptions. The babies had seen the pediatrician and had passed their metabolic screen (PKU), jaundice check, hearing screen, congenital heart test, and the car seat challenge. We were ready to be in our own house, our own bed, not eat hospital food, not have people constantly coming in to check vitals, and introduce the babies to the animals!

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5 thoughts on “The Twins Arrive!

  1. They are perfect just like their Mommy and Daddy! Wish I wasn’t coaching so I could come and meet them…hopefully soon! Love you all!


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