35 and 36 Weeks

At my 35 week BPP and NST, I found out that both babies are now vertex (head down). My doctor was surprised that the babies still have enough room to turn at this point. They seem pretty comfortable in there, though, and are still very active babies! Vertex/vertex is the best case scenario for delivering both babies vaginally (and not having a combination vaginal delivery for Baby A and c-section with Baby B). I was 1 centimeter dilated at this appointment, but people can be less than 3 centimeters dilated for quite some time. As I had not had any painful contractions or fluid discharge, my doctor was fairly confident that I would make it to my 36 week appointment. I opted to have my Tdap vaccine and Group B strep test at this appointment just in case, though.

36 weeks

This week, 36 weeks, was another big milestone, as the babies will hopefully be big and healthy enough to avoid the NICU, whenever they decide to grace us with their presence. Thus far it seems like our little ones are good at listening, and we hope they keep that quality! My mom convinced them to both turn head down, and Derek and I convinced them to wait until September to be born.

At my 36 week appointment, we had a growth ultrasound and of course a BPP and NST. Norah and Naomi are both still vertex/vertex. Twin A’s head is pretty far down in my pelvis, and it looks like she wanted to make sure that she got to be the first one out! The babies were 5 pounds 10 ounces and 5 pounds 11 ounces. The growth percentiles went down, but my doctor didn’t even tell me what they were because she wasn’t concerned and was just glad they are still in there, still growing, and similar in size.

I told my doctor that we have decided that to try for a vaginal delivery, and she was excited and supportive. I need to have a little chat with Twin B (Naomi) about not changing positions, dropping her BP, or getting wrapped up in her cord after Norah is delivered. If she changes positions, the OB on duty will have to decide if she wants to deliver Naomi breech, try to turn her, or go in for a c-section. My 38 week scheduled c-section will be changed to an induction. The official date is TBD, though. It will be around that 38 week mark still, as the uterus can only stretch so much, and it becomes risky for twins to wait until longer than after that because there is a risk of insufficient nutrients, more risk of high BP, more risk of cord issues, etc. As we are now past 36 weeks, if I got into labor, I will get to go through early labor at home, following the 5-1-1 rule (5 contractions of one minute or more in an hour). Prior to this point, even if I was having a vaginal delivery, I was to head to the hospital as soon as I had 4 painful contractions in an hour.

Westport Light State Park 36+3.JPG
Westport Light State Park

On Labor Day, we decided to try to tempt fate by driving 2.5 hours to the beach. At 36 weeks + 3 days, we are ready to meet these babies! No luck, but the puppies seemed to enjoy being back at the beach. Yes, I have officially outgrown all of my shirts and sweatshirts, all non-stretchy pants and shorts, and a lot of dresses. I should have grabbed one of Derek’s t-shirts, so my belly wasn’t hanging out…

One thought on “35 and 36 Weeks

  1. I’m still holding out for a 9/9 birthday because that would be so easy for me to remember! (Charlotte the younger missed it by a day, as I recall.) You look terrific and I’m so glad you have the option of a vaginal delivery at this point. Recovery is faster and easier that way, I understand. Best wishes!!!


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