34 Week Pregnancy Reflection

34 week baby bump.jpg

Well, the babies will be delivered by c-section whenever they decide it is their time! The doctor is glad that we made it to 34 weeks without having to try to stop labor. It’s hard to believe that after months of waiting, the babies can now come at any time in the next 3.5 weeks! Since we are so close, I decided to take some time to reflect on our pregnancy and go back through my pregnancy journal.

First Trimester:

  • Looking back now, it was obvious I was pregnant, but I didn’t know the signs of early pregnancy. When Derek and I moved from San Jose to Seattle, I was begging him to stop every hour so I could use the restroom. Normally I have a decent bladder, so we were both frustrated. Then, soon after moving here, Derek and I went for a short couple mile run that had a hill. I couldn’t make it up the hill! I started crying not sure why I felt so out of shape!
  • To tell Derek we were expecting, I gave him the things I could no longer have –  the cat litter bags (risk of toxoplasmosis) and Dr. Pepper 10 (aspartame). I also gave him an apple seed (the size of the babies at 5 weeks) and because I still hadn’t made it obvious – the pregnancy test. I should also mention I was so excited to pick him up from work and tell him that I got pulled over for speeding. Oops…
  • Once we found out we were having twins, we oscillated between being excited and nervous.
  • Twins moms often have trouble gaining the recommended pregnancy weight – 35-45 pounds (25-35 for singletons). Maybe this is because with higher pregnancy hormones they tend to have morning sickness. I lost weight the first trimester and struggled with trouble sleeping, digestive issues, bloating, nausea, and dizziness. I usually only threw up first thing in the morning, but I did have one embarrassing moment when I threw up in the middle of my fingerprint appointment. Twin moms might also struggle with the weight gain because they feel full earlier with all the baby in their belly (a twin uterus at 32 weeks is about the size of a singleton uterus at 40 weeks). If I were to do it again, I would worry less about healthy eating and portion sizes at the beginning. I made a big deal of eating the serving size of snacks. Girl needs her Smartfood white cheddar popcorn, Cheez-its, and Oreos in whatever quantity she is hungry for if she is going to gain weight!

Second Trimester:

  • At the beginning, I still had morning sickness. Once that went away, I understood why people talk so highly about the second trimester! Some of my clothing no longer fit, and I was emotional. I experienced some round ligament pain, pelvic floor pain when I tried to run and hike, and a few bouts of food poisoning. However, overall, it was nice to feel like a person again!
Poo Poo Point.JPG
At 6 months pregnant, we hiked 8 miles with 1800 foot elevation gain to Poo Poo Point. 
  • My parents bought me prenatal yoga classes for my birthday and going to the classes made my body feel so much better! It was also nice to hang out with other pregnant ladies!
  • I began nannying for a 4 month old. Her parents have become close friends, and they are a great resource! I got to see baby toys and gear in use and ask a million questions about eating, sleeping, tummy time, etc. They were super supportive of my needs of working while pregnant and even passed along diapers, bottles, gear, and clothes.


16 week ultrasound
16 week ultrasound
  • It was annoying that every stranger would tell me how small I was for being due in September and having twins.

Third Trimester:

  • I began feeling really pregnant this trimester and having trouble sleeping through the night. I would wake up every few hours because I needed to pee, had heartburn (no matter what I ate for dinner), back pain, etc. Unfortunately, I often couldn’t fall back asleep. I was lucky that I stopped working July 29, so after dropping Derek off at the bus stop every morning, I would go back to bed for 45-90 minutes.
  • Derek and I savored our last few months as a family of 2.

Rainier 2

Mt. Rainier
  • Derek got to feel and see babies kick and began reading to the babies so they would recognize his voice once they are born.

Go Gators.jpg

Me and dad.JPG
27 weeks pregnant
  • I am getting pretty tired of going to the doctor. Throughout the pregnancy, we had ultrasounds almost once a month because that is the only way to accurately track each babies’ growth. In the average singleton pregnancy, there are only 2 ultrasounds – one in the first trimester to confirm due date (around 6-10 weeks) and one to check anatomy and determine sex (around 18-20 weeks). Then, at doctor appointments the OB would measure baby growth through fundal height. However, in the case of multiples, a fundal height measurement would only tell the overall size of both babies, and it wouldn’t indicate if there was a large discrepancy in the two babies’ growths. My 33-38 week weekly doctor appointments are about 3 hours due to the BPP, NST, and doctor visit. That being said, we have had a pretty easy twin pregnancy, and I am grateful that with the many doctor visits, Derek has good insurance, and I set up a HSA when I worked in Florida.
  • Average gestation for twins is 36 weeks (full term is considered 37 weeks). 36 weeks would put our due date at Fri. Sept 2. Maybe we will have Labor Day babies, who share a birthday with my parents’ wedding anniversary (Sept. 5)!

3 thoughts on “34 Week Pregnancy Reflection

  1. I am so excited and happy for you two, and of course I am crying (happy tears of course) like the big saps your Mom and I are! Love you and if you want to wait until Uncle Bob’s and my anniversary it is the 12th!


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