The nursery was a fun project, as we are excited for the babies to move in, and, it is the first room we have completely finished from beginning to end. Derek and I painted multiple coats on the ceiling to hide what looks like was once a navy blue ceiling. In the future, my grandma says we should use the ceiling paint that goes on pink, blue, or purple and changes to white after it dries to make the process easier. We were lucky that our families were willing to paint the walls and trim, so it was one less part of the project for us. We took off the old baseboards, with plans of moving them down, as there was a gap between the floor and the baseboard from old carpet. However, because the house was rented for over 25 years before we moved in, there was a lot of paint and caulk build up on the wall. We decided that instead of sanding it down, we would buy new baseboards that were higher than this lip.

This baseboard project was a lot easier than the one we did on our first house in Gainesville, thanks to our experience and some new tools. We picked out MDF baseboard from our local lumber store. We then painted it with a semi-gloss white to match the trim around the doors and windows. We measured all the walls and used a chop saw (Derek’s PhD graduation present from his dad!) to make the cuts. This was much quicker than using a table saw and miter saw, and the cuts are probably also a little smoother! We also decided to buy a brad nail gun, as we will eventually be replacing all of the baseboards to match the nursery. This gadget has nail depth adjustability and was a life saver. It was super quick, and Derek didn’t have to worry about hammering his thumb! In the name of teamwork, I was the stud finder, and Derek was the nailer. Afterwards, Derek laid a bead of caulk, and I wiped it down with my wet cloth. Finally, we touched up the baseboard paint in a few places, and we love how the freshly painted and caulked trim makes the grey walls pop and the room really look finished!

Crib 2


Paint and Baseboards

Dresser and rug.JPG

3 thoughts on “Nursery

  1. Giraffe not straight. Love the news. Trim looks great. Like the bookshelf. Will see you soon. Love to all. Grandma


  2. Wow Grandma I am impressed! And I have to agree all looks wonderful and I love the new trim, looks so much better than the old trim! New nail gun, look out he will be going crazy with home projects to use it! We can’t wait to meet Norah and Naomi!!! Love to both of you!


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