Pre-Babies Housework

While the Drayer family and the Kimutis/Bryan families live far away, we have been lucky that they have been willing to come help with projects before the babies arrive. Derek’s dad and stepmom, June, visited a few times in April and May. June painted the nursery, while Darryl helped Derek remove the studs, put up the header, and run new electrical that has opened up the doorway from the family room to the dining room.

Darryl opening doorway.JPG


My dad and I both had off the same week in June, so my dad offered to visit and help with some house projects. It was nice to spend time with him. We discovered that thimbleberry bushes run along almost one whole side of our property, and we acquired a free grill that we cooked some yummy burgers and corn on. In 2 days, my dad got a lot done! He was able to do a lot of the little projects that have been adding up. And, he was helpful with things I shouldn’t be doing like moving some boxes to storage and mowing the lawn and spraying the wasps’ nest in the yard.

  • Fixed back door latch issue
  • Replaced bathroom fan because the old one only worked intermittently and cleaned the bathroom ceiling while he was up there
  • Installed a shelf above the washing machine
  • Temporarily fixed the garage door
  • Re-ran the dog’s invisible fence along the outside of the garage so we wouldn’t have wires going through the inside of the garage
  • Moved towel bars in both bathrooms to configurations that actually made sense

At the end of July, my mom and dad, my mom’s 2 sisters and brother in law, and my grandma all came to visit. My parents generously offered to drive their Chevy Traverse out here and trade it for my Ford Focus, as Derek and I have been searching for a larger car that would fit 2 babies and 2 big dogs. With 6 family members in town, I felt like I had a painting, yard maintenance, and cleaning crew! Since I was still working this week, they asked me to just leave them a to do list, and they did an awesome job with it!

  • Weeded, edged, and added to my gardens
  • Tore out some thorny bushes in front of the house because we would like to plant evergreens along the front for privacy and to block road noise
  • Painted the master bedroom walls, ceiling, and trim
  • Refinished 2 ice chests that we use as bedside tables and my hope chest
  • Hung curtains in the family room and nursery
  • Hung pictures all over the house
  • Re-arranged the family room so it would feel more open
  • Fixed the leaking kitchen sink

Our house would not have come so far in the 4 months we have lived in it without the help of our family, and we are incredibly grateful!


3 thoughts on “Pre-Babies Housework

  1. It was our pleasure and the best thing was we got to spend time with you and Derek!!!
    Love you both and your four legged friends!!!


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