32 Weeks

32 week baby bump.jpg

Derek got to come with me to my 32 week ultrasound and doctor appointment. Naomi is on my left side in the frank breech position, and we actually saw an image of her head and foot right next to each other! Maybe she is going to be a gymnast or diver?!  Norah was transverse with her head by Naomi’s (uh oh they are already plotting world domination!) and her body lying along the top of my uterus. Because they both are up top, it explains why my heartburn has been so bad, and I have felt so full! Because they are both still refusing to turn head down, there is now a pretty high likelihood that I will have a c-section, so we talked a lot about what happens if I go into labor before my scheduled c-section and more details about what the c-section would look like.brrechNaomi is also now in the 24th percentile (3 pounds 10 ounces) which is a drop from the 25th. Norah moved from the 32nd percentile to the 34th percentile (4 pounds). As Naomi is small and there is a 10% difference between the babies, we are going to maternal fetal medicine to get a 2nd opinion/more detailed ultrasound. In utero weights are all based on a formula (which includes femur length, head circumference, and abdomen circumference), so it’s not an exact science. Naomi’s size could be because she isn’t getting enough nutrients (and we could do a scan of the cord to see if the marginal cord insertion is the problem) or that she is just going to be a smaller person (or just is going to be a peanut at birth like her mama). If the maternal fetal medicine docs are concerned we may have more doctors appointments (2 a week starting at 34 weeks instead of 1 a week). Also, if the difference between the twins continues to grow, my doctor may decide to deliver the babies early so Naomi can get the nutrients outside the womb that she isn’t getting inside.

My doctor really wants the babies to make it to 34 weeks (August 19). If I go into labor in the next week then they will try to stop labor and give me steroids to beef up the babies’  lungs. Any time after 34 weeks, we can go to the hospital and they will do an “urgent c-section” (not considered an emergency c-section). I am hoping for 36 weeks (Sept. 2) because then they will have good school birthdays (Sept. 1 is the cutoff here), and they will probably not have to spend any time in the NICU.

5 thoughts on “32 Weeks

  1. This is all very exciting! You are so close now. I hope you make it to September…perhaps my Medicare birthday, 9/9. 8/19, however, is Rayna’s birthday (3 weeks and a day early) so that would be easy for me to remember, too.
    How are the house projects coming? I know D and J were out helping knock out a wall and reroute wiring. What have you done? How is the nursery? Photos, please….
    Best wishes!


  2. I am so happy for you! I have been following along with the blog and have really enjoyed hearing about this experience. You are going to be a wonderful Mom & Dad. I am keeping my fingers crossed for September 1 delivery.


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