30 Weeks!

So even though 30 weeks isn’t a new month, it still seems like a big deal. Maybe it is because the babies will arrive at 30 something weeks or because we start seeing the doctor a lot more. I saw the doctor at 28 weeks, today was a 30 week check up, and I will be back for a 32 week checkup. Then at 34 weeks, we start going twice a week. My OB said that the hospital bag should be packed by 32 weeks, which also makes me feel like the babies could arrive any time!

I had my glucose tolerance test yesterday. I had to fast starting at 10pm the night before. Before drinking the glucola, they drew my blood to determine my fasting blood glucose level. This time I got to pick if I wanted lime, orange, or fruit punch glucola. I opted for the fruit punch again. It was a little harder to drink on an empty stomach, and again I only had 5 minutes to drink it. After an hour of feeling nauseous and lightheaded, I got my 2nd blood draw. The second hour, I had a headache and just felt tired (guess it was the sugar crash). This draw came out of my other arm. The final hour wasn’t too bad, but I was ready to eat. This last blood draw came from the original arm, which was already starting to bruise. The good news is that 5 hours later, I found out that my tests came back normal, and I do not have gestational diabetes. I just wish the original glucose screening was more reliable, so I didn’t have to do the “3 hour torture test,” as my doctor so aptly put it!

Blood draw bruising.JPG

At my doctor’s visit, she did a quick ultrasound to look at the babies’ positions, movements, and heart beats (not the longer growth ultrasound or really long non-stress test which will start at 34 weeks). It looked like Norah might have turned head down, so we might be able to avoid a c-section after all! I gained another 5 pounds, so my total weight gain is up to 24 pounds. If we keep on this pattern, I will have gained 45 pounds by 38 weeks! This would put me in the normal overall weight gain for twins. I think the real indication of how far along we are, how big my bump is, and how much weight I have gained is that I think today may be the last day of either wearing socks or getting them on myself!

32 week baby bump

7 thoughts on “30 Weeks!

  1. I feel your pain re. The glucose test. I bruised so badly as well. Such a relief to hear that your results are good. I’m 30 weeks and am envious of your bump especially as you’re having twins.


      1. My doc said there is a pretty good chance we will based on the babies’ movements, sizes, and heart rates; my blood pressure, no leaking fluid or blood, etc. So far no complications that would indicate pre-term births!

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