28 Week Baby Bump, Appointment, & Names

28 week baby bump

We (the babies and I) spent 3 hours in the medical complex yesterday. We had another growth ultrasound, which unfortunately was at the imaging center and not my doctor. This means that I didn’t get any fun pictures, and I had to drink 16 ounces of water before the ultrasound and then hold it for the next hour and 45 minutes. This is not a nice thing to do to a pregnant lady! The little ones were 2 pounds 11 ounces and 2 pounds 12 ounces. My doctor was happy that they are still so close in size. She didn’t seem worried that they are now in the 25th and 32nd percentile (instead of 40th). My mom told me that I was in the 5th percentile when I was born and the doctor was excited when I hit the 10th percentile at my 1st birthday, so it sounds like genetics may be at play! Both babies were still breach, so their consistent breech positions are leading my doctor to believe that I might end up having a c-section. We scheduled a “just in case” c-section for Fri. Sept. 16 at 7:30am. If the babies decides to wait that long, it would be full term (37 weeks is considered full term in all pregnancies, even though 40 weeks is what due dates are calculated to) and exactly 38 weeks.

Yesterday I also had my glucose screening, Barbacoa lettuce wraps.JPGwhich identifies women who are at risk for
gestational diabetes. My doctor recommended that I try not to eat simple carbs and high sugar foods the meal before, so I had barbacoa lettuce wraps for lunch. The glucola tasted like a thicker fruit punch Gatorade. You have 5 minutes to drink it, and then you can only have sips of water for the next hour. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. After that hour, they drew my blood. Unfortunately, I got a call today saying that I am one of the 15-23% of moms who show elevated blood sugar (mine was in the 160s when normal is 130 or 140). This means I have to do a 3 hour glucose tolerance test. I will have to fast for it, and it requires 3 blood draws (one every hour). The crazy thing is that 2/3 of women who take the glucose tolerance test, test negative for gestational diabetes.

Finally, I had the pleasure of getting a RhoGAM shot in the butt. My blood type is A- (thanks Dad), so this is a preventative measure in case one of the babies has a positive Rh. The shot ensure that my body won’t produce antibodies if any baby positive Rh blood enters my system (which usually happens during delivery). While this would not be a problem for this pregnancy, it could have negative consequences for future pregnancies. This shot hurt! I could feel the whole muscle contract! I have the pleasure of getting another RhoGAM shot within 72 hours of the babies’ birth.

I gained another 8 pounds these last 4.5 weeks, so that brings my weight gain total to 19 pounds. It seems like I am catching up! People keep telling me how small I am, though. I can see a huge difference between the 24 week and 28 week baby bumps! Part of it is probably that during the 3rd trimester, babies more than triple their weight! Weeks 27 and 28 I was really tired and taking almost daily naps, but I have felt better since then. Still getting round ligament pain when I stand up or roll over. Some backaches and trouble getting comfortable when sitting. Without lumbar support, it feels like my ribs are digging into my stomach. So basically the normal pregnancy stuff! Derek said last night when my belly was up against his back, one of the babies kicked so hard, he felt it!

Derek and I have been calling the babies by their names for the past few months. We wanted to make sure that we liked them and felt they fit before we shared. We we are excited to finally share with you: Twin A is Norah Louise Drayer and Twin B is Naomi Ann Drayer. Louise was Donna’s (Derek’s mom) middle name and is his sister’s middle name. It was also Donna’s maternal grandmother’s middle name. Ann is the middle name shared by Michelle’s mom (Patricia), Aunt Katherine, Aunt Margaret, and Grandma. Grandma said that her parents gave her the middle name Ann because they needed a short name since Marguerite Goodendorf was already so many letters!

One thought on “28 Week Baby Bump, Appointment, & Names

  1. Glad you and the twins are doing well! I am A- blood type as well (yes, you can thank your dad) and have had the pleasure of multiple Rhogam injections over the course of my childbearing years. I also had an elevated initial glucose tolerance test with my last pregnancy but the follow up was negative– guessing the same for you. So happy you shared their pretty names. Sept 16 is not so very far away! Love and Prayers, Aunt Maria and family

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