24 Week Baby Bump & Appointment

24 week baby bump

Overall, we had a positive 24 week ultrasound and doctor appointment. The doctor was glad to hear that we have been feeling kicks for the past 3 weeks. I don’t think I have had any Braxton Hicks contractions yet. Someone described it as your belly becoming so tight that it seems like you could bounce a quarter off of it. While my belly does feel hard, I think it is just because there are two babies in there! Sometimes my lower belly or under my ribs will feel uncomfortable because of the babies’ positions.

As there are not scales in my womb to measure the babies, the doctor uses a formula, combining the femur length, head circumference, and abdomen circumference to figure out weight. Twin A is 1 pound 8 ounces. Twin B is 1 pound 7 ounces. There is only a 4% difference between the babies, which is positive news. This weight keeps them in the 40th percentile (which includes singleton pregnancies), which is the same as at 20 weeks. Based on these measurements, my OB wasn’t worried about the 2 things that came up at the 20 week anatomy ultrasound: my weight gain (I gained 5 pounds in the past 4 weeks) or the marginal cord insertion. My cervix length was shorter today, which can be an indicator for pre-term labor. The doctor said CL shortening tends to happen with twins, so we are just going to stop measuring it and not worry about it. Nothing we can do about it anyway! Both babies were breach today, which made the ultrasound pictures a little less fun. Instead of cute profile pics, we saw skeleton looking pics. The doctor said that the babies still have time to move around, so no guaranteed c-section yet. If at 32 weeks they are still breech, they will probably stay that way, though.

Crazy to think that we are about two thirds of the way through this pregnancy. Depending on the source, the third trimester begins between 24 and 27 weeks, so I suppose we are in the home stretch! On Sunday, we did the Chirico Trail to Poo Poo Point. The point has a gorgeous view of Lake Sammamish and is a take off point for paraglider and hang gliders. The trail was an 8 mile hike with 1800 ft elevation gain. Based on how my pelvic floor felt during the descent and my gastrointestinal troubles following the hike, I think I probably didn’t drink enough and this was a little too strenuous for 24 weeks pregnant. We asked the doctor about the feasibility of going on a 2 day/1 night backpacking trip. She said while she wouldn’t ban it, she also wouldn’t recommend it. Her biggest concern was that twins tend to come early, and if something happened, how hard would it be to get to a hospital quickly. I guess the Drayers need to start taking it a little easier!

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