Anatomy Ultrasound

Today was our anatomy ultrasound, where the doctor looks at all of the organs and bone structures. It is also the much anticipated gender reveal! Both babies have good looking internal organs (including 140 heart rates) and bones. They are each 12 ounces, which was positive because one baby isn’t growing faster than the other, and they are in the acceptable weight range.

20 wk ultrasound - twin A20 wk ultasound - twin B

Something the doctor said we need to watch is that both babies have marginal cord insertion. This means that the umbilical cord is attached to the edge of the placenta and not the “meaty part” (as my doc very scientifically said) of the placenta. The concern is that this may cause the babies to get less nutrients than they need. About 7% of singleton pregnancies have this and about 25% of twin pregnancies. While my doctor is not super worried right now, it is something she will continue to monitor throughout my pregnancy (we already have ultrasounds about once a month anyway!). She said as long as the babies continue growing well, have good heart rates, and are active, we are good to go! If this doesn’t continue to be the case, then they will induce to get the little ones the nutrients on the outside that they weren’t getting enough of on the inside.

Overall they are currently around the 40th percentile for growth to this point.  That may seem low, but that percentile includes singleton pregnancies as well.  The doctor mentioned that they don’t have any concern until that falls into the 10th percentile, and really there is no danger to the babies unless the are in the 3rd percentile or lower.  So all things considered, they are growing just like we want!

Finally, the doctor said that I haven’t gained enough weight – only 6 pounds. Unfortunately, I think I lost weight when I wasn’t feeling well during the first trimester. So, I have some catching up to do. She said I should feel free to have 2 desserts. So… the moment you have all been waiting for… Here I am with my 2 (PINK) desserts.

2 girls.jpg

That’s right, my gut reaction has been correct all along. We are having twin girls! Derek better be prepared to have his nails painted, play house and dress up, and attend ballet recitals! We are so excited to have an overall positive anatomy scan and can’t wait until we get to meet our little girls in a few months!

6 thoughts on “Anatomy Ultrasound

  1. Woo hoo more girls!!!! Can’t wait to knit lots of fun girly things for them!! You look beautiful Chellebelle and they will be just as gorgeous!!!


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