Baby Registry

What we have learned about baby registries…

The Bump is great for consolidating all your registries in one place, as we are using Target, Amazon, and Babies “R” Us. Their catalog is also a great way to find items from all 3 sites at once. I do think it could be improved, though. The catalog lets you filter by retailer, price, and brand. However,  it would be more helpful if you could filter by more than one subcategory at a time (i.e. filter for the 3 retailers we are using). As well, when searching for an item, it will give you the range of prices, but won’t say which store is which price, you have to go to the individual store’s website. For example, if I search for pack ‘n play, it brings up a variety of options. One option is Placard with Reversible Napper and Changer. The price varies from 86.82 to 99.99 at our 3 retailers, but The Bump doesn’t give me the price for each retailer. To find that out, I need to go to each retailer’s website. Just fyi, the options they list are by no means extensive, but when I was feeling overwhelmed by the options from all 3 sites, this was a helpful starting point.

Twins make registering a little more difficult… Items that seem marketed to twins are sometimes really just marketed to families with multiple kids. For instance, we were super excited when Derek’s dad said he would buy us a BOB from REI. People rave about the storage, easy of use, resale value, etc. After going to the store and pushing strollers, we saw why people love them so much. We ended up going with the BOB Revolution SE Duallie in orange of course (go Gators!). As we were looking at accessories, we were confused because the duallie infant car seat attachment fit one infant car seat and a snack tray. I called BOB, wondering if I needed to just buy 2 infant car seat attachments or if I just was looking at the wrong duallie attachment. They told me that the BOB duallies just aren’t wide enough for 2 infant car seats, so there was no option. We were pretty disappointed. After talking the friends, we decided to keep our BOB for post-infant car seats and get a Snap and Go Double. They retail for $70-100 and can usually be found used in the $30 range. They are made for 2 infant car seats with plenty of storage. They don’t have any type of bucket seat, so toddlers cannot use them.

Secondhand sales are your best friend! Many groups in the area have semi-annual (spring and fall) secondhand sales. We hit up a Just Between Friends sale, snagging a free pass and a $2 guest pass on the first day as new parents. These sales are legit, spanning Thurs.-Sun. with decreasing admission fees every day until Sunday is a no fee, 50% off sale. They are consignment sales, so you need to look at all of your options for the best deal. We found a Joovy Twin Roo+ Infant Car Seat Stroller for $25 (they retail for $130!). We also scored a baby bath, diaper bag, clothes, books, baby spoons, and bottles. Our total was $110. There are many other options for used baby clothes and gear:

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