Project Updates

“The best laid schemes o’ Mice an’ Men, / Gang aft agley” – Robert Burns (translation: the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry)

Well we thought that we would be able to handle some smaller projects shortly after moving into the house, but as things often go, money and time have gotten in the way.

So an update on the 5+ week front door project: The trim around the window is made of plastic. Plastic does not like paint. When we took the painters tape off of the glass, the paint peeled right off the plastic, as well. We went back to Home Depot, and their suggestion was to spray paint the plastic. We didn’t like that the red wouldn’t be an exact match, so Derek had the brilliant idea of spray painting the trim, then painting it (the Home Depot lady also thought this was brilliant). We peeled all of our hard work off, taped wrapping paper around the door, so it wouldn’t get sprayed. Then Derek used gray spray paint, so we could see what had gotten sprayed. When taking the painters tape off, we used a box cutter, which seemed to help but our new solution doesn’t really seem perfect. We still had some peeling and wondered if we should have just used the box cutter with our original paint job and skipped the spray paint method.

As there has not been a post about the refinished hardwood floors, you might have guessed that they haven’t gotten done. We were able to remove the drywall and plaster from the doorway we wanted to open, before all the furniture was moved in. However, there was not enough time to refinish the floors, as well. Part of the hold up was waiting for a refinisher to come out and tell us which part of the floors couldn’t be salvaged (just sand them down and then we can come back and look) and waiting for a contractor to come out and tell us if the wall we were opening up was load bearing (probably). This process was a bit frustrating, as both people made appointments with us and then cancelled when they had other things come up.

Minor Victories:

  • Removed plaster and drywall from doorway we are opening upOpening doorway.JPG
  • Bought a self-propelled push lawnmower and mowed the grass
  • Bought and installed an in ground fence for the dogs (Nala has chased cars into the street and rabbits into other yards)

Indefinite Timeline To Do List:

  • run a gas line to the dryer
  • finish the opening doorway project
  • refinish floors

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