First Trimester Screening

On March 22, I had a 45 minute ultrasound at the fetal medicine clinic as part of the first trimester screening. They will do the second part, blood tests, at my next doctor visit. I was waiting to post until I heard anything, but I got tired of waiting. The screening evaluates the risk for chromosomal abnormalities, specifically Down Syndrome (trisomal 21) and extra sequences of chromosome 18 (trisomal 18). At the ultrasound, the tech took pictures of the heart, facial bone structure, neck, and brain.

Twin B was putting on a show, actively waving and kicking and even squishing Twin A! Twin A was very comfortable laying as if in a hammock, which made it a little harder to measure the nuchal translucency (the amount of fluid in the neck). They both looked like they may have been sucking their thumbs, and it was adorable to see them laying as if they were in bunk beds. I guess we know a little bit about our Twins’ personalities already!


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