13 Week Baby Bump

13 wk - baby bump

We are officially out of the first trimester! I really felt like I got a baby bump this week (and not just from bloating). I took my first baby bump pic, but I think that people who don’t know me well would think that it is just my belly. Our little ones are currently about the size of peaches – 3 inches long – and their heads are about half the size of their bodies. It is amazing how much growing they have done in the past few weeks!

2 thoughts on “13 Week Baby Bump

  1. This is so exciting! I think Debbie read the same week by week website info about size when she was expecting Rayna. I remember the fruit and vegetable comparisons. Once they got to “Apple” they stuck with that and called the baby “Apple” because they didn’t think “banana” or “turnip” were suitable.


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